Only the best conditions

Using only the latest technology for the extraction of Bitcoin, constantly evolving, we can always provide our users with the best conditions of earning.

History of creation started its activities in 2020, 2 years later, after the advent of the first cryptocurrency in Bitcoin. Then our company consisted of five people, and we had 20 machines with 6 video cards with a total capacity of 60000 MHz. Gradually we expanded our farm, establishing all new equipment more, but after a while, the special machines appeared, the so-called ASIC-miners.

They were built on special ASIC chips and unlike conventional GPU (graphics processing unit) were specially designed for the mining of cryptocurrency. These machines were able to calculate the SHA-256 hashes very quickly for the high power extraction of Bitcoin. They were in 1000 to 10000 times faster than ordinary video cards.

At the end of the 2021, the company has completely passed to ASIC devices, and the older video cards were sold, having returned the small part of their value. Our farm is equipped with the modern technique and two-level cooling which provides the long efficiency of the machines.

Mining of bitcoin

You can mine the cryptocurrency, selecting any power from those offered on our site.

Maximum benefits

To ensure the high profitability, offers the advanced statistics and guarantees the stable hashing speed and direct mining of percent.

The first profits today

Immediately after the lease of power, You will receive the daily payments to the specified wallet.

Why we are the best?

Company develops the system step by step from the very beginning of the creation of the company, constantly improves and expands its mining-farm, in the effort to keep pace with the leaders. Now we offer our clients the very cheap price for the rental of facilities.

The unique design of the farm, quality equipment and a two-tier cooling will spend a minimum of electricity and maintenance of equipment. Thus, we are able to pay the high interest rates to the tenants that we believe is the most important thing.

Continuous growth of the capacity

To stay successful, our farm is developing gradually, added more and more modern equipment, and is developing the new cooling .

Continuous monitoring.

Our analysts constantly monitor the market of cryptocurrency and follow the latest trends, which would always be at the forefront of the cutting-edge solutions.

Maximum comfort and functionality

Our site is made so that each user can use our service easily and comfortably.

1. User-friendly interface

Easy-to-use interface allows you to perform the required actions quickly .

2. Simple registration

For the convenience of our clients, we have simplified the registration process-this process takes no more than a minute.

3. Continuous control

In personal cabinet you can monitor your account statistics continuously , financial transactions and growth of profit.

4. Financial accessibility

For the ease of financial transactions, we provide several payment systems to choose for our clients.

Advantages of Bitcoin

In simple words Bitcoin is a digital currency. Uniqueness of this currency is that it isn't regulated by any government and is decentral. Transmission of Bitcoin can happen almost for free of charge and immediately. It isn't similar to money which all got used to use.

СоCreating and storing happens in a digital form, and coins are created by network of computers. The absence of inflation is the great advantage of this currency and using it with online payments, you protect yourself maximally and always remain anonymous.