How does the company receives the profit? Limited provides an opportunity to earn money through Bitcoin mining. Our company has a many of expensive and very powerful servers that are able to quickly produce cryptocurrency. Using cloud mining, you can always get higher profits.

What is necessary to become a client of Limited company?

You need to sign up on the official website of the company. For this purpose, by clicking the “Registration” button, go through the fast and not complicated registration procedure.

Can I change the data of electronic payment systems?

No, only after contacting technical support, it is made for the safety of your funds.

Can I register multiply accounts in a project?

It’s prohibited to use more than one active account for the investment and cooperation with the company.In identifying more than one active account of the investor, all of investor’s accounts will be blocked without prior notice and further negotiations. “Active” account is considered an account by using which the customer has already made a deposit.

I have registered, but lost my password. What to do?

You Must use the option "Reset password" or contact technical support.

My personal data won't be able to fall into hands of the third parties?

Information about the participants data is stored on, on dedicated servers with a high level of protection and all transactions pass through the secure Internet connection, so Your personal information is protected from unauthorized persons."

What electronic payment systems are available for investment in the project?

You can use the following electronic payment systems: Epaycore, Bitcoin, USDT, Tron, Doge, Ethereum, Litcoin, Binance, Xrp, dashcoin. The list of electronic payment system can be extended.

What is the minimum and maximum amount to invest?

The minimum nominal of the deposit, available for the investment in the project is $10. The maximum You can invest - $100,000.

How to make a deposit?

Using the username and password invented by you at registration, login to your account. Click the "Add funds". Also enter the amount you plan to invest in the project. After confirming the amount and choice of the electronic payment system, you will be redirected to your e-payment system. Following her instructions, pay transaction. Then again you will be redirected back to your account in our project. Click on "Buy power". Choose an investment plan and confirm your choice.

How long does the refill?

Recharge takes place according to the rules of payment systems.In most cases, instantaneously.

I want to make a deposit using Bitcoin electronic payment system. How do I calculate the minimum and maximum allowable investment amount?

In order to make the necessary amount correctly, please use USD to BTC converter in section "Add funds".

Can i convert bitcoin to US dollars?

Unfortunately, no. All of our Bitcoin transactions are completed in BTC. When you withdraw the deposits or earnings, you get BTC right away with no conversion done at all. You will never lose any of the value of your money because of bitcoin to dollar exchange rates.

How many deposits can I place in the project at the same time?

There is no limit to the number of deposits. All the operations for each of the deposits made by you will be made separately.

I made a deposit. When my first profit will be available to withdraw to my wallet?

The accruals for all investment proposals are produced every hour from the moment of activation of Your deposit.

What the minimum and maximum sum I can withdraw at the same time from the project?

The minimum amount You can request for withdrawal is $2. There's no limit on maximum permissible nominal amounts.

How fast I get my profits paid?

You can withdraw the percents by creating the corresponding request in personal account after their profit. Typical withdrawal process is instant since the withdrawal request was made. In rare cases (force majeure, technical difficulties, suspicions of fraud) it will takes up to 48 hours. We don’t charge any fees to withdraw funds.

What wallet do I get my profit?

You can withdraw profit only on the wallet, through which you made your investment.

What need I do if the money didn't come to the account of the EPS?

Check, if your account has a wallet for withdrawal of funds. If you didn't point a wallet, make it by going to Your account section " Payments details". In the same section You can always edit your payment details. In case if the wallet was pointed, the sum was entered correctly and corresponds to that is available for withdrawal, but the payment is still rejected by the system, check the correspondence between the requested withdrawal currency and the electronic payment system, chosen for payment. In other words, if you have a reasonable amount to withdraw of the electronic payment system Perfect Money, You will not be able to withdraw this money to the wallet of any other electronic payment system. Or contact technical support.

Whether the possibility to earn additional income was introduced into the project?

Such possibility exists. All registration which will be made on Your referral link are assigned to You forever and every time when someone from the referrals invited by you does the deposit, you'll receive the funds into your account in the project in the amount upto 3% to 12% on any investment plan

Where I can find the link to invite someone to join your affiliate program?

Go to the personal Cabinet in section "Referral system" available your referral link to invite new members.

Does the company have the official documents proving the lawfulness of its activities? Limited is the officially registered company in the UK and conducts its activities legally. To learn more about it, take a look at “Support” and “About Us”.

What level of security provided by the company?

For the protection of personal data of users, our company uses special SSL certificates and SSL encryption, which provide the servers and the protection of personal information each investor is 100%. In addition, the company has its software that aims to protect your personal data against DDOS attacks (as well as illegal access to personal information).

Who can participate in your program?

Our company does not have any geographical frameworks, we are happy to accept investors from any place in the world.

I didn’t find the answer to my question. What I have to do?

If you didn’t get the answer to your question, please contact our customer support.