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About our service is a company which has its personal data centers. In fact, this high-tech secure platform hosting by servers, which in their turn produce the same Bitcoins. The company leases the servers that mine(extract) Bitcoins to the tenant. The number of cryptocurrency received over the given period depends on what power you lease.

Difference of a cloudy mining from normal is that people who want to earn money on production of cryptocurrency are stimulated to buy an expensive equipment, to pay a lot of money for an electricity and to track permanently the efficiency of technique which repair will also cost the owner in a lump sum.

Not everyone will want to be engaged in it and not everyone will be able, as the most powerful equipment costs from $1000 to $100000 that is available to units. We also offer our equipment, for repair of which you are not responsible, and, in this case, the price for electricity is less in 5 times, than in the case of mining at home.

Our Feature

Advantageous price

ASIC last generation processors 1000 times faster and more powerful than conventional GPU.

Reliable protection

Reliable data protection from the attacks of the distributed failure in service (DDos).

Support 24/7

Team support is ready to help you with any questions at any time of the day.

Investment Plan

Plan 01
1.08% - 1.50%
Hourly For 96 Hours
Min - $10
Max - 10,000$
3% Referral Commission
Plan 02
5% - 8%
Hourly For 48 Hours
Min - 3000$
Max - 50,000$
5% Referral Commission
Plan 03
18% - 25%
Hourly For 24 hours
Min - $6000
Max - 100,000$
10% Referral Commission
Plan 04
After 18 Days
Min - $10,000
Max - 100,000$
12% Referral Commission

Briefly About provides a variety of contracts, which are different by lease duration and level of profitability. The contract provides a cloud of the power you rent, and the income from the mining of Bitcoins by selected cloud will be your daily profit.

The Technical Department of the company developed the special system, which allows each tenant to get the maximum profit from the opportunities of selected clouds. The company accepts no money from tenants for the rental of premises, maintenance of equipment, electricity and Internet connection.

Rent of our servers is not only good opportunity to earn, but also an opportunity to learn more about the cryptographic wave, global trends and development Bitcoin. 8 years ago 1 Bitcoin cost only a few cents. Earning money using cryptocurrency extraction can have the very positive effect in the future, as this currency is periodically growing.

The known fact when person bought pizza for 10000 Bitcoins. But three years later it reached the record price in $1100. Now the course is held in about $900 per unit, and in the future its cost may rise again. We believe this kind of earnings is very promising, but the choice is still yours.

Purchased power

Package Price
GHs-EXPERT (555% after 1 day) 1525.00$
GHs-2 (7% per day) 1525.00$
GHs-1 (3.5% per day) 10.00$
GHs-FAST (401% after 12 hours) 1525.00$
GHs-1 (3.5% per day) 30.48$
GHs-1 (3.5% per day) 10.00$
GHs-FAST (401% after 12 hours) 500.00$