1. General provisions:

1.1. Signing in the project, the member fully and unconditionally agrees with all provisions of this Agreement.
1.2. For the participation in the project are allowed persons, who have reached 18 years. By registering, the participant confirms that he’s of legal age.
1.3. All actions, committed by the project member, are voluntary. When registering on the bithour.online Limited site, the participant confirms that he is healthy in mind and body, and gives a report of his actions, committed by himself on the project website.
1.4. Each member may have only one account in the project. Upon detection of multi-account, the administration reserves the right to block these accounts without a refund.

2. The rights and obligations of the parties:

2.1 After completing the registration process, a person wishing to participate in the investment process of the сompany, acquires the status of "Investor".
2.1. The project undertakes to provide round-the-clock functioning of the bithour.online Limited website and the personal cabinet of the member, as well as to ensure the transfer of funds to the mentioned participant details, according to the rules.
2.2. The project is entitled to demand from the member the confirmation of personal data given at registration, as well as to suspend an execution of this Agreement in relations to the member, who didn’t provide such confirmation within 3 days following the data of the request in his address.
2.3. The member is obliged:
2.3.1.To provide an authentic personal information during the registration in the system. Investor confirms that the details of the payment systems and e-mail referred to the Investor upon registration are correct and actuality.
2.3.2. To ensure the safety of login and password to access personal account in the project, and not to disclose them to third parties.
2.3.3. Not to pretend to be the owner or authorized representative of the project, misleading the others.
2.4. The member has the right:
2.4.1. To produce an informing and attract new members to the project by various advertising methods(websites, banners, groups, forums, etc.).
2.4.2. To direct in the project his wishes and reviews in order to improve the service.
2.4.3. To require the project to fulfill the conditions of this Agreement.

3. Responsibilities:

3.1. The project is responsible all in all for the operation of personal cabinet and referral of money transfer to the member’s personal account, according to the terms of this Agreement.
3.2. The website administration is not responsible for any losses, that may arise as a result of investment in the project.

4. Referral programs and SPAM.:

4.1 Referral program the Company has three levels of referral fees.
4.2 Referral investor may receive a reward without having its own deposit in the Company.
4.3 The referral fee is automatically credited to your account balance of Investor, immediately after enrollment deposit an invited participant (referral)
4.4 The Investor has the right to withdraw its referral fee at any time.
4.5 In order to attract new entrants to the investment, the Company provides investors with a wide range of promotional materials.
4.6 The investor confirms that he is familiar with the policy of the Company with respect to SPAM technologies. The company strictly prohibits the use of any form of spam. In case of revealing the fact of using the investor SPAM technologies such investor's account will be blocked.

5. Withdrawal:

5.1. The transfer of funds from the project to the accounts of participants is carried out, according to the regulations – immediately from the time of request. In exceptional cases, the transfer funds can take up to 48 hours.
5.2. While changing the rules for withdrawing the funds, the administration undertakes to inform the members at least one day prior to the planned changes.

6. The rights to make changes to this Agreement:

6.1. The project reserves the right to correct and change this agreement unilaterally, about what undertakes to inform the memberss in the period of 1-3 days.
6.2. The Company is entitled to stop the fulfillment of obligations to the investor in the event that the Company's operations affected by the following factors of force majeure: an earthquake, global economic crisis, war, man-made disasters, strikes, epidemics and revolutions. This list may be supplemented by the Company at any time, without further consultation and warnings.
6.3. The Investor confirms that transmits to the management of the Company's own funds voluntarily, without coercion.
6.4. The Investor confirms that I have read and agree to the fact that the company will manage funds from investors at its own discretion, respecting, however, the interests of the investor in full respect of investment proposals.